Friends Center City – Riverfront



What is Friends Center City -Riverfront? (Riverfront)
Riverfront is a community of friends living cooperatively in an intergenerational building.  Members reside in their own spacious apartments, and share in private community spaces, where they enjoy weekly dinners, discussions, exercise, and entertainment. 

Who lives at Riverfront?
While residents come from many walks of life, the common threads they share include an adventurous spirit, the quest to be involved and always learn, an eagerness to “do it yourself,” and the desire for privacy mixed with the wish to live among friends who share their interests.  The community is a compatible group of like-minded people who share values, backgrounds and interests.

Where is it located?
is conveniently located in Philadelphia’s Old City, an area along the Delaware River where William Penn and the Quakers first settled.  This safe urban neighborhood is abuzz with over 100 restaurants, eclectic galleries, movie houses, a theatre, historic areas, and Society Hill, all within walking distance. In close proximity to the Liberty Bell, Riverfront is a minute from Penn’s Landing, the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, and I-95, and less than a block from multiple bus and subway routes.

What is everyday life like at Riverfront?
Residents described their lifestyle as flexible, easy,  experimental, stimulating, varied and caring. Each week there are one or two shared meals, morning exercise groups, and impromptu evening get-togethers. One can choose one’s own level of participation, whether it be in activities or meals.

What about health care?
For those who are eligible, Friends Life Care Partners--the largest continuing care at home provider in the country--provides members with home-care assistance, concierge services, and coordination of health care needs, as well as help with long-term financial protection.  In addition, there are top-notch medical facilities nearby. On a daily basis, Riverfront members focus on activities to prolong their independence, and know that fellow residents are there to look out for each other and share their concerns.

Who manages the community?
While all 40 condominiums at 22 Front Street are professionally managed, Riverfront members additionally manage the activities and lifestyle of their 10+ residential apartments and their community rooms through an elected board and periodic meetings.

How much does it cost?
There are options that can be tailored to your needs. To be a part of Riverfront, you can rent, make a one-time purchase of a Riverfront apartment, or buy an available apartment at 22 Front Street and join Riverfront. There is a one-time membership fee. and a monthly maintenance fee and service fee.  Please contact us to inquire about current availability and costs.

What’s my next step?
Sounds interesting!!! Then take the first step. Contact us at 1-267-639-5257 or info@friendscentercity.com.  Set a time to visit and see for yourself. 

Riverfront is unique and may be just what you’re looking for.  We’d like you to meet us…and we’d like to meet you. Take a tour and schedule a time to be our guest for an informal dinner.