Friends in the City: A community-without-walls for active older adults

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About Friends in the City (FitC)

Friends in the City (FitC) was founded by FCCRC to accomplish two primary goals:  (1) to promote the development and maintenance of supportive social networks for older adults and (2) to create a mechanism for planning and hosting a wide variety of activities, events, and groups for its members through a network of volunteer coordinatorsFitC provides the opportunity to meet others who enjoy similar activities within a warm, comfortable, and inclusive environment.

Membership in FitC makes it easy for older people to take full advantage of the following benefits of urban living: 

  • exploring museums and cultural institutions
  • attending concerts and dance events
  • experiencing stimulating talks on an array of topics
  • socializing with friends

Inspired by the values of the Society of Friends (Quakers), FitC’s founding goal is to maximize healthy aging through participation in the cultural, civic, spiritual and compassionate life of the city.

FitC welcomes members of all religious, ethnic, and cultural identities.

If you are interested in additional details about Friends Center City and its history, read "Friends in the City: Aging in Places" by Gregory Barnes. The book is available here on Amazon or elsewhere.

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The FitC Experience

FitC hosts a diverse array of activities and events each month for the enjoyment of its members. Pick and choose as many events as interest you:

  • Join a private, docent-led tour of a museum
  • Attend a musical performance
  • Engage in a stimulating discussion on a topical issue over lunch
  • Prepare food at MANNA
  • Expand your palate at one of Philly’s delightful ethnic restaurants
  • Stop by to share a toast at a FitC Sips Happy Hour!

FitC members receive email invitations for each event. Others are able to check FitC’s online calendar (left side of page) to find out what’s coming up and register, where space permits.

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Painting and Drawing Group

Special Interest Groups

In addition to planned events, many FitC members meet in regularly scheduled groups to share common interests, such as book and film groups, exercise classes, play-reading, language study, or a Men’s Group. Join the community in one of FitC’s approximately three dozen special interest groups.

Have a particular interest you think others might enjoy? Why not launch a new group based on your own favorite interests! FitC provides you with the resources you need to get started. Contact Bobbi Cohen at FitC to learn more.

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Member Leading Tour of Penn Museum Gallery


FitC has no executive director, no office with paper clips and copier. Instead, events and groups are planned and hosted by FitC member-volunteers. A Program Committee oversees the 15-25 events typically staged per month. Each activity is coordinated by various FitC members. Events take place in venues around the city with occasional short trips to nearby locations of interest.

While the size of groups for tours and discussions may vary, most are kept small to maximize the quality of the opportunity and to encourage camaraderie. Should interest exceed capacity—and it frequently does-- members simply schedule repeat sessions. Membership in FitC adds enjoyment and fulfillment to an active life in the city.

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“A very different vision of old age [is one] that sees our final decades as a period of blossoming, a resurgence of life that does not chase after our younger years, but instead embraces the gifts that time can bring.“
Author DJ Leviton, Successful Aging
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Sikh Temple
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