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Enriching the lives of older adults who choose to
age in place in the Philadelphia area.

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Creating lifestyle options for growing older.

An AARP study reveals that 87% of people prefer to remain in their homes and communities as they age.

Friends Center City Retirement Community (FCCRC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of older people in the Philadelphia area who choose to age in the city rather than moving to a suburban retirement community. To learn more about our founding principles, please visit the Friends Center City​ ​History page. As FCCRC past board president Joan Countryman observes, “There are three things all people need to address as they approach retirement: where they will live, what they will do, and how they can secure adequate healthcare.”

FCCRC, through its board of directors, offers complementary options for dealing with these:

  • independent living within a multi-generational residential community,
  • a community without walls which enables those living independently to build and maintain supportive social networks through shared groups, activities and programs, and
  • a program of supportive services that provide the long-term care which would enable people to age independently in their own homes.

Take a look around our community and see what we may have to offer to you!

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...a unique residential community offering the convenience of modern city living within Philly’s vibrant Old City neighborhood. Come get acquainted!

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… a stimulating community-without-walls for active older adults. Come explore the region with us!

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... a practical solution for those who want to plan today for peace of mind tomorrow.

Friends Center City on Black Lives Matter

Friends Center City stands together with those who grieve the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and others in working to ensure that racism and the systems that support it are dismantled. As a group with Quaker roots, we continue to strive to maintain those values: honoring all in our community, being respectful and honest, and being accountable for our responsibilities and actions.

The events of the past months and the voices of Black Lives Matter have brought to the fore the injustice rampant in our country, not only in policing but in health care, environment, education and so much more. As an organization, Friends Center City is committed to:

  • Make our communications more inclusive and welcoming for people of color;
  • Extend our focus on activities designed to increase member awareness of systemic racism and the experience of Black/Brown life in Philadelphia and the United States;
  • Increase our programming to help our membership understand the ubiquity of white privilege and the steps that we as individuals need to take to help provide equity for all.

We call upon our members to join us in standing up, reaching out, and working for the changes that are needed to fulfill the promise of America. 

Board of Directors,
Friends Center City