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Volunteers are the foundation of Friends in the City.

Without our volunteers, nothing happens; with our volunteers, we’re able to consistently offer 15 to 25 events each month! Those who have volunteered, and who regularly do so, remind us that it is easy and fun. 

Whether your choice is to host a repeat session of a popular past event or explore a new idea you've had, the first step is to contact the Volunteer Coordinator or another member of the Program Committee with two or three possible dates at least five weeks in the future. Choosing a few dates usually requires speaking with a representative of the venue chosen.

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Planning a FitC Event is Easy

Once a date has been reserved in the FitC Master Calendar, the rest of the information necessary should be gathered:

  • Name and address with zip code of venue
  • Date
  • Time (beginning and end, for the software)
  • Cost ($ plus $1 FitC fee)
  • Date of payment due to venue
  • Number of people, minimum and maximum
  • Event title (catchy, to appeal to members)
  • Paragraph description of event
  • Your name as organizer

Your FitC contact will work with you on the title and text, and will let you know such details as how many people have signed up, your final list of those registered, and name tags.

The member/volunteer will host the event by greeting members, distributing name tags and helping everyone to feel included in the group. Afterwards, you should let your FitC contact know how it went, whether there were any snags with the venue or with members.

FitC volunteers typically choose to host another event, demonstrating that the process is fun and works well.

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For FitC Members Only:

Visit the FitC member portal for these functions:

  • Event Calendar and Registration
  • Your Membership Information
  • Member Directory

You will be asked to sign in using your email address and FitC password.

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FitC Membership

The membership fee is $75 per year per person.

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Pay with credit card or check.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, FitC membership payments and donations are tax deductible.

Not ready to join? Sign up to hear about FitC events. We will never share the information you give us with unaffiliated groups without your explicit permission.