Health Care

FLC logo In order to provide a comprehensive approach to healthcare, Riverfront has formed a partnership with Friends Life Care, a well-established non-profit Quaker based organization. Founded in 1985, Friends Life Care should be familiar to many families in the Delaware Valley. The membership community is currently comprised of almost 2000 people, and it is the largest organization of its kind in the country. They provide in-home health care, wellness education and programs, related personal-care services and facility care, if applicable, to enrolled members.

The unique Friends Life Care plan provides the financial security of asset protection, ongoing health assessments and wellness education, and the coordination of care in the home if it is needed. Friends Life Care is focused on ability vs. disability, and recognizes that promoting good health and independence is crucial to emotional and physical quality of life at any age.

Friends Life Care works in concert with Riverfront to create a customized health plan for each resident to support his or her goals and needs for health services. To kick off this lifelong relationship, each resident initially completes a thorough health assessment with a Friends Life Care Coordinator to evaluate how the community and FLC can best meet current and anticipated needs.

In addition to the basic services Friends Life Care delivers, they will provide a dedicated Care Coordinator who works with Riverfront residents. The Care Coordinator will be a familiar link for residents to the many benefits of a personalized health plan and:

  • Serves as an advocate for Riverfront residents in navigating the health care system
  • Provides assistance with outpatient health care needs such as:
    • Medical transportation arrangements
    • Scheduling outpatient medical services, in-home therapies, treatments and medications
    • Procuring equipment
  • Conducts periodical health assessments
  • Provides on-going education on pro-active health and wellness initiatives
  • Coordinates the full spectrum of home care services to help each resident remain at Riverfront for as long as possible, practical, and safe to do so
  • Maintains health records
  • Assists with referrals within the health care system as needed
  • Directs the process to increase support services when needed, including obtaining expanding levels of home health care
  • Coordinates transition to health facilities when needed
  • Provides planning and care after a transition from Riverfront

Riverfront residents also have the option to purchase long term care insurance from another source or to self-fund long term care. Residents are required to have prior approval for either of these two options.  In addition, Riverfront residents availing themselves of one of these options are required to purchase the services of a Friends Life Care dedicated Care Coordinator.  This Care Coordinator will provide the resident with the same services and personalized health plan described above for Friends Life Care members.

Friends Life Care makes available to all residents of Riverfront their Life Phone emergency response system.

As your partner in healthcare, Friends Life Care is there to help with your changing needs. They work with you to manage any transitions that life brings and to provide overall support in order to fulfill the promise of living in the city with a complete personal safety net.

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