Where oh where to volunteer?

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Where oh where to volunteer?

Do you feel inclined to do volunteer work but you feel uncertain about what kind of work would be satisfying to you? Or, perhaps you're ready to start a new project and want some help figuring out what's out there.

Here are two great resources to help you get started:

VolunteerMatch (for Philadelphia) <www.volunteermatch.org>: When you sign up, VolunteerMatch will send you an email when volunteer positions become available near you. The website also offers a variety of resources for people interested in volunteering.

Idealist.org <http://www.idealist.org/>: The scope of Idealist.org is greater than VolunteerMatch and it's fun just to browse. It offers nonprofit jobs as well as volunteer opportunities. You can search by geography, skill set, interest, etc. I frequently recommend this site to people who are trying to figure out what they might want to do next. It can be quite inspiring.

Happy hunting!