Volunteers 55+ Needed to Lead Discussion Groups

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Volunteers 55+ Needed to Lead Discussion Groups

Touching Lives Over 55, a program of Journey's Way, is currently recruiting volunteers to facilitate peer discussion groups about health and wellness, aging issues, retirement and life experiences. For over nine years, more than 135 volunteers ages 55-87 have led "Next Chapter" discussion groups with over 3,300 older adults across Philadelphia!

Volunteers must be at least 55 and enjoy working with people, have good listening skills, and provide their own transportation. Discussion groups meet weekly in senior community centers throughout Philadelphia.

The next volunteer training will be held at Journey's Way, 403 Rector Street in Roxborough. For more information about the program, volunteer opportunities, and the upcoming training schedule, contact Jan Zacharjasz at 215-487-1750, ext. 1214 or email: jzacharjasz@intercommunityaction.org