Senior Volunteers Needed!

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Senior Volunteers Needed!

Dear Senior Center Friend,


    As you know, Central Senior Services has long provided individual computer tutoring and expert Medicare advice during

    open enrollment periods.  Now, we’d like to embark on a new mission, but we’re going to need your help to succeed.

    Philadelphia is home to many older adults who are homebound due to illness or injury.  These women and men often

    turn to animals and books for companionship.  Both are important, but human beings are social creatures by nature.

    Nothing can really take the place of an intelligent and sympathetic person to talk to.  Some homebound individuals

    would derive great pleasure from being read to, or a simple game of cards.  We are looking for caring volunteers who

    would be willing to visit a homebound person once a week, for a period of seven weeks.  These visits would last 75

    minutes. Women would be visited by women and men by men.  No volunteer will be given an assignment, until she

    or he has been interviewed by staff here at Central Senior Services.  Tee Quakhaan, our head of Homebound Services,

    will be one of the interviewers.  She will attempt to match volunteers with homebound seniors seeking company.

     If this kind of community service appeals to you, please shoot me an email that includes your contact information.

      Thanks for considering this request!


                                                          Dick Levinson

                                                          Central Senior Services



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volunteers needed

Bobbi, what a great idea. Are there varied dates to start, or a "class" that starts the seven weeks together? Sally L.

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Reply to Sally

Sally, you need to contact Dick Levinson at Central Senior Services at the library.  His email is in the orioginal post.