PhillyPatientRide - A Great Volunteer Opportunity

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PhillyPatientRide - A Great Volunteer Opportunity


American Cancer Society
(215) 985-5311
Philadelphia , PA

Like to drive? Want to use Enterprise Car Share cars to drive cancer patients to their hospital appointments? Enjoy meeting new people and giving them the "gift of a lift" to help them get to their treatments? Volunteer with the American Cancer Society to be a volunteer driver in the PhillyPatientRide Program. - Contact (215) 985-5311 or to volunteer or for more information.
--I've been a volunteer driver for the full three years that the new program has been in existence and it has been a richly rewarding experience. I've met some wonderful people who really need the "gift of a lift" to get to their daily appointments, so it has been very fulfilling. Give it a try!

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Hello Mark, are there specific hours/days that one drives or do you set your own hours? Do you wait for the patient and drive them back or do you (or someone else?) pick them up when they are done?

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You set your own hours in the sense that you go online to sign up for rides -- so you pick the ones you want to do. Then you need to calculate the time it will take, both to go from where you live to the patient's home, and from there to the hospital. I usually wait in the waiting room for the patient, with reading or writing material that I have brought. Then you drive the patient back to their home, then you return the car. There are also some one-way rides, where you just pick up the patient at home and drop them off at the hospital. Then you return the car to where you picked it up. I drive three days a week, one round-trip ride a day, and find it very enjoyable and rewarding. Good luck to you, and sorry for the delay in responding! -- mark