Driving Cancer Patients to their Treatments - Vols Needed

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Driving Cancer Patients to their Treatments - Vols Needed


American Cancer Society
Telephone: 215-985-5311 or phillypatientride@cancer.org
Philadelphia , PA

The American Cancer Society's PhillyPatientRide Program is seeking volunteer drivers to take cancer patients to and from their daily cancer treatments. You pick the times and locations that are convenient to you. Many cancer patients are anxious and burdened by the challenge of getting to and from their treatments every single day for up to 4-5 weeks -- you can help alleviate their stress and help them to heal, one ride at a time. No car necessary - the program uses Enterprise Car Share cars, paid for by ACS. For more information, contact the American Cancer Society at 215-985-5311 or visit phillypatientride@cancer.org.

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