Watch battery replacement

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Mary Ann Leigh Mary Ann Leigh's picture
Watch battery replacement

Where can I get my very faithful times watch battery replaced?

Love this forum!!

Mary Ann

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Hi Mary Ann.  I use Happy

Hi Mary Ann.  I use Happy Jewelers in the Suburban Station concourse, near the 15th St. entrance.  They are super nice people and reasonable.  Very reliable.  

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Watch battery replacement

Watch Co in the Shops at Liberty Place
Mills Jewelers, 1807 Chestnut St.

sarah c. jordan sarah c. jordan's picture
Jewelry Repair

George at 1113 Chestnut St. has adapted several clip on earrings of mine to pierced ones.....good work, fast and reasonable...

Bonnie E Bonnie E's picture
watch battery replacement

I now like William Schwartz 1831 Chestnut for for replacement of watch batteries and watchbands. Good quality merchandise and very nice people.