Sending photos to grandkids

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Sending photos to grandkids

Right now, when I take photos that I want to send to my grandkids, or someone else, I just send them from my Iphone photo collection. There must be better ways to send them that don't use up so memory on their phones and that make it easy for them to find them in the future. Where should I be sending them?

Heather Speirs Heather Speirs's picture

facebook is one way to share photos with grandkids and others. You can take them on your iphone or move them from your camera. Videos, too! I use an app called Genius that allows me to send photos with captions directly to my facebook page.

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Send them to the cloud!

When you're sharing photos, you generally want to share them through whatever application the recipient uses most. I use Flickr or Facebook for my family, but have also used Snapfish, Shutterfly and others.

In addition to sharing, the advantage of these programs is that they give you tools for storing your photos in albums, editing them, or using them to create books, mugs, keychains, or whatever. These are a fun treat after a special vacation.

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Sending photos

I recommend you join Shutterfly. Then you can upload your photos and make online photo albums. The link to the albums can be emailed to multiple people. The recipient just clicks on the link to view the photos. The photos are stored by Shutterfly. You can also make permanent photo books. If you need help learning Shutterfly, I will come to your place to show you. You just need to have your photos on your computer electronically. It's best to give each one a name and date.