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How do I create safe passwords, with all of the issues now about password safety?

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Safe passwords...

For most passwords, I use a standard procedure: using a form of my address, which has a number and a couple of words from the street, I put the first letter of the website asking for a password as a capital letter. For example, for the Forum (using a false address): F1326dec. Amazon: A1326dec. That way I can remember it.

For special sites (bank, credit cards, investments), I use a very different password--using my address and phone number when I was in high school (spent a lot more time on a phone then than now).

My son, who was in IT most of his career, says this will work. He does emphasize very good passwords for the websites that give you access to your funds or debts.

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My password secrets...

I use a similar format to make things complex yet memorable. I break everything down into three components. The first one is the first two letters in the URL of the respective site. For FriendsCenterCity, that would be FR. The next section is a combination of letters and numbers that used to be my only password and one I naively used for everything. The third section is the first two letters of the category in my password manager program where I have the link stored. Sites that rank password security generally give this combination a 'very strong' rating. I'd encourage everyone to use a password manager program.

If you'd like to read more, here's a link to a useful c/net article titled 'How to Master the Art of Passwords':

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Safe passwords

I recommend you put in symbols as well as letter and numbers. For example, # $ % &