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Academic Libraries - Online Access

Is there a way to access journals and other academic research online? For example, does the University of Pennsylvania offer online access to their libraries?

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Journals at Academic Libraries

As a retired college librarian, I know how academic libraries get their electronic materials: they buy a license. Almost always the license states firmly that the materials can be used remotely ONLY by current faculty, staff, and students. Most licenses allow on-site use by others, but many libraries, including the University of Pennsylvania, have a local policy against that. Temple and Penn State do let visitors access journals electronically on computers in their libraries.

If you have a library card, you can remotely access databases and fulltext journals through the Free Library of Philadelphia website. On the library's webpage, click on "databases" and you'll be taken to a list. "Expanded Academic ASAP" is a database that includes many journals. There aren't as many journals as the UPenn, but you may find something you want.

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Academic libraries

In past years I have used Drexel's Library to access online databases. You would have to check with the librarian to find out if there are certain hours the public is allowed in the library.