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Tria for lunch


Rittenhouse Square area
2005 Walnut Street
19103 Philadelphia , PA

Tria in the 2000 block of Walnut Street has a nice 2-course lunch (4-5 selections for each course) for $14. It's quiet and comfortable, and good if you want to sit awhile. I recommend the cobb salad. Evelyn

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Tria devotes itself to fine wines, beers and cheeses. The 2005 Walnut St café has an excellent selections of beers and wines on tap (yes, wines on tap). They also are very knowledgeable and offer e-tablets with detailed information about their selections. It is too noisy in the evening, so Evelyn did well to visit at lunch. I highly recommend it during the non-noisy hours.

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Tria on Fitler Square

Has anyone dined at the new Tria on Fitler Square and do you recommend it?