Restaurants: dinner with conversation

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Restaurants: dinner with conversation

Read my article in the Center City Quarterly Dec 2014 issue, "Who Put the Din in Dinner?" Scroll to p. 11.

Here are my suggestions for good restaurants without loud music. Please add your suggestions and also any opinions about restaurant noise in general:
Le Cheri at the Art Alliance - in nice weather you can eat in the courtyard garden
Branzino - in nice weather you can eat in the courtyard garden
Seafood Unlimited
Prime Rib (piano)
Caffe Casta Diva (best on weekdays)
XIX (Nineteen at the Bellevue) - terrific lunch
Bistro St. Tropez
Fuji Mountain
My Thai
Caribou Café
Jasmine Rice
Granite Hill (Art Museum)
Day by Day (lunch)
Bistrot La Minette

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We recently had dinner at Treemont, at 231 South 15th Street. It was a Sunday night, and the Eagles were playing, which may have been why the restaurant was so quiet. There was no music playing, and the ceilings are high. We ate upstairs, which I think was a little quieter than downstairs. We really enjoyed the meal. A touch of elegance, an interesting menu. I had soup and a smoked salmon appetizer, which was perfect. My meal was less than $25. I recommend it. Evelyn Eskin

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Restaurants that permit conversation

For a quiet, totally charming dining experience we highly recommend Paloma at 763 South 8th St. The restaurant describes itself as offering Mexican haute cuisine. The emphasis is on 'haute!' Mexican flavors mesh with classic French cooking techniques at this BYOB. No worries if you prefer to eschew spiciness. A lovely and sophisticated menu with delicious and novel preparation. The hostess/pastry chef is the chef's wife and an attorney in her 'spare' time. We love it.

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Our FitC Dinner Club went to Sbraga, Broad & Pine, last night. The restaurant serves a 4-course prix fixe dinner for $55. If you sit at the bar, you can order a la carte. The food is creative and delicious and the servers were especially attentive and helpful .After 3 requests the restaurant turned down the excessively loud and not enjoyable music that interfered with our conversation.

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FitC Dining Club reviews

Great idea for the dining groups to routinely post their finds here! Our maiden voyage, unfortunately, had to be postponed.