The Moshulu - Pleasant Waterfront Surprise

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The Moshulu - Pleasant Waterfront Surprise


The Moshulu Restaurant
Spruce Street and Columbus Blvd.
Philadelphia , PA

It had been years since we'd been to the Moshulu -- the waterfront restaurant in an old sailing ship docked just south of the Seaport Museum on the Delaware. It has been completely refurbished and is beautiful inside. Service is attentive, the menu is not large and leans towards seafood. The wine list is a bit expensive. The views from many tables of the river are great. And the quality and presentation of the food are excellent. Plus it was a lot quieter than most restaurants, what with all that wood and carpeting and lovely chandeliers. Enjoy -- a great place to take out-of-town guests who are unlikely to have something like this where they live.