Construction Disruption

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Construction Disruption


One of the most common complaints that the pedestrian advocacy group Feet First Philly hears is about construction projects that close sidewalks and force pedestrians to detour across the street. The prevalence of closed sidewalks seems to have increased significantly in the past few years. Yes, there are more buildings under construction, but it also seems that construction projects are being allowed to close the sidewalks, without providing protected walkways, for longer and longer periods of time.

If you are fed up with being forced into the street because of construction, join others who are trying to do something about this problem.
Go to and check out some pictures
Take your own pictures of the problem and send them to Feet First Philly.

Read the results of the Feet First Philly Pedestrian Survey

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pedestrian construction walkways

I agree completely! In New York, there is a law requiring sidewalks to be maintained during construction. In Philadelphia, we inch our way around construction, walking in the street. We've been lucky so far this winter that there hasn't been ice, but when that happens, all bets are off!! Maybe we should have a brown bag lunch to talk about a united response to this problem….

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Pedestrian issues

Other pedestrian issues: snow removal on sidewalks and at cross-walks, dangers of bikers, dangers of broken sidewalks, traffic lights not stopping turning cars, pedestrian right-of-way, and more. If we are going to form a committee, let's look at all pedestrian issues.