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Restaurant Noise - latest article

Read my latest article in the Center City Quarterly, Fall, 2015 issue, Scroll to P. 9

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Restaurant noise-- quiet hour proposal

A few weeks ago, I suggested in an e-mail to Craig LaBan that restaurants set aside one day a week for quiet hour, 5:30-7:30, when music would be low or off and patrons would be asked to keep their voices down and cell phones silent. The quiet car for diners. I got no reply from Craig, but I think the plan would increase business on a quiet night, like Tuesday, if it were adequately publicized.

Perhaps a group of us might take it on ourselves, when we are eating out, so suggest this or a similar idea to chefs/owners. Who might be most responsive?

At least we need to figure out some plan of action.

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Restaurant Noise

I dined at 20 Manning on Sat nite. We got a table far from other tables but the place was still extremely noisy. It wasn't loud music - it was the conversation. 20 Manning, Audrey Claire, and Melograno are all very loud because they have no acoustical fabric on the walls or floors. I am working on a letter to Audrey Claire about this problem. I suggest you contact restaurant owners directly. I have written 2 articles on this subject published in Center City Quarterly. The Inquirer and the New York Times have each published articles on this subject. If you send me your email I will send you all these articles which you can enclose in letters to restaurant owners. If the problem is reverberation of conversation, having selected hours will not solve the problem.