How to stop unwanted catalogs and solicitations from organizations

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How to stop unwanted catalogs and solicitations from organizations

If the catalog or solicitation includes a self-addressed stamped envelope, write Remove my name from your list on the mail-back card, insert it in the envelope and mail it back. The organization pays the postage.

Catalog Choice is a website that helps you unsubscribe to unwanted catalogs and large organizations’ solicitations. Go to and sign up for free. Then search for the name of the vendor or organization and enter the information on your label. Catalog Choice will take care of most of these without any further effort on your part. Occasionally, the organization will ask for more information. It may take a month or two, but you definitely will see a huge decrease in incoming mail.

If a particular vendor or organization is not on Catalog Choice’s website, you can usually contact them directly. Go to vendor or organization’s website and look for contact information. Ask to unsubscribe. They will probably ask for your email address and you may get put on an email list. You can then unsubscribe from the email list by clicking Unsubscribe in small print at the very bottom of the email.

If you are getting too many requests for donations from organizations that you support and want to contribute to, you can still contribute without getting the mail. Keep a list of your favorite organizations in a file and send contributions whenever you are so inclined but ask them not to send you any mail.

You may think all of this effort will take too much time, but actually if you do a few each day or each week, within a month or two, you may get no mail at all on certain days. When do you get mail, it will be mail you want!