How to avoid unwanted telephone calls

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How to avoid unwanted telephone calls

If have a Verizon telephone landline and you are getting repeat unwanted phone calls from the same phone number, follow these instructions: As soon as you get the call, hang up and dial *60. Wait for the response and then dial #01#. This method blocks only the last number that called you.
Here is a service you can sign up for to stop all robocalls and telemarketing calls: NOMOROBO . This service won a $25,000 prize from the Federal Trade Commission.

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Tell phone companies provide a tech solution to end robocalls!

Technology already exists that would allow consumers to block unwanted calls, but phone companies are dragging their feet about offering it because of the revenue stream robocalls afford. If you'd like to be an activist in the campaign to end robocalls, please read about, then sign the petition at: