Emergency planning for high-rise building residents

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Emergency planning for high-rise building residents

Emergency planning is for any kind of disaster - fire, flood, terrorist attack, electric outage, oil spill, and whatnot. In some cases people will be told to shelter in place. In other cases, they will be told to evacuate. People need to have supplies in their shelter-in-place room and a go-bag packed for evacuation. These speakers will discuss all of that and more.
When you contact them, remind them to focus on high-rise residents. You can invite the managers of your building.
A/V equipment and coordination is needed. If your bldg has that already, you need to tell them what is available and they need to tell you what they need and you have to make sure their needs match your equipment.
These two speakers have coordinated with each other before for a FitC program.
Lynn Fisher, Emergency Preparedness Program Manager, Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management (OEM) will discuss citywide systems including alerts, phone numbers, how to get news, and where to go if you have to evacuate. lynn.fisher@phila.gov Lynn can bring her own A/V equipment if necessary.
Bob Schmidt, FitC member, Red Cross Disaster Instructor, will discuss how to prepare for an emergency, assemble a disaster kit, and make an emergency plan. schmidbo@gmail.com