Donate computers and monitors to a nonprofit

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Donate computers and monitors to a nonprofit


Nonprofit Technology Resources
1524 Brandywine
Philadelphia , PA

Nonprofit Technology Resources accepts tax-deductible donations of computers and nearly all computer-related equipment (laser printers, flat-screen tvs, digital projectors, but not inkjet printers).

Computers are either refurbished or parts used to refurbish other computers, and then sold at a low price to those who could not otherwise afford a computer. They also provide training and support.

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Donate computers

Nonprofit Technology Resources is out of business. I recently posted a laptop on Craigs List (free section). I said I wanted it to go to a school, library or non-profit. A man answered who refurbishes computers for a Federal program for ex-offenders so I gave it to him. If you live in an apt bldg you can leave you item in your lobby in a bag or box with the name of the person who will pick it up. You do not have to let a stranger into your apt.